Monday, May 3, 2010

Committees Comedies

Hey kids, have you ever wanted to do absolutely nothing but still get credit for it? We all have. Only us grown-ups have a word for it. Committees.
Like this one, which recently launched for the Bay Street Theater. You know, that (wink, wink) beacon of cultural light that provides safe harbor for local artists, so long as by "local" we mean summer visitors, and by "artists" we mean celebrities and agent-represented actor's equity talent. Yeah, that place over in Sag Harbor.
This "Artistic Associates Committee" (AACK!!) is described by as "still in development." Subtext alert! It was spontaneously conceived and will be limply executed.
So what will this newly formed (sort of) committee do? Well:

"In addition to making themselves available for performances on the Bay Street stage, this talented group of artists (Mario Cantone? Joy Behar?) are supporting Bay Street in other ways, including appearances at fundraising and cultivation events (parties) and participating in the ongoing artistic life at Bay Street (vague)."

You mean they'll have to make themselves available during summer stock to earn some extra money and then go to parties where they'll be fawned after and hounded by all the fake press that's spread all over the east end? Man, that's commitment!

Check out the article in its entirety, which comes replete with a photograph of Kim Cattrall on the set of Mannequin. (Boy she's ageless isn't she?) To answer the lede question: "What do Alan Alda, Joy Behar, Kate Burton, Zoe Caldwell, Mario Cantone, Kim Cattrall, Richard Kind, and Mercedes Ruehl all have in common?

Umm...they all just lengthened their obituaries by a sentence or two?

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