Friday, May 28, 2010

Students Don't Get Mad Anymore, They Lawyer Up!

So it's not exactly storming the college president's office and hijacking the entire building circa 1969, but let's give a standing O to Stony Brook Southampton students who slapped a lawsuit against SBU's president and decider Samuel Stanley Jr. for allegedly cutting the undergraduate program at the Southampton campus because he felt like it.

The lawsuit has the support of local politicians. The students are hoping the lawsuit will cause enough distance and irritation for Stanley to reconsider his move to pull out of Southampton and leave the school vulnerable to the carousing wiles of the two graduate programs slated to remain, one of which is the very unruly and unpredictable Creative Writing program. The message? Don't abandon the campus to a bunch of drunks!

I'm sorry, were you expecting Kent State? These are students majoring in "environmental sustainability," people, cut them some slack.

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  1. Thanks for the support! Just a note: these students DID storm the presidents office - a week after they confronted him on their own campus as an organized group of hundreds in protest, forcing him to face them and explain himself. That was the day he made the official announcement of the closure. A week later, the students held a 15-mile protest march to the main campus where hundreds of them had a 6 hr sit-in outside his office - again forcing him to come out & face them. Student leaders then had a meeting with him in his office where they offred various alternatives that were rejected out of hand. THEN they slapped him with a lawsuit. These students are going down quietly.


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