Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Other Bay Street Theater News

Much ado has been made about a second stage of the theater in Sag Harbor being dedicated to extremely veteran actor Eli Wallach and his wife of 62 years, Anne Jackson.

The reason? According to this East Hampton Star article, "The choice of naming the stage after Anne and Eli was effortless as they have been such wonderful supporters of Bay Street since its inception. We feel so lucky to have their name on our Second Stage as they are the embodiment of everything that is wonderful in the theater.”

The festivity kicked off last weekend at the theater, where if you were feeling generous, you shelled out $150 for a show and drinks in the lobby beforehand. A cool $500? That earned you dinner afterward at the American Hotel, where you can pretend to actually hang out with Eli and Annie. Miss Jackson, if ya nasty.

Missed the whole damn thing? Yeah, me too. That's okay. For $250 you can be a "construction angel" at Bay Street and purchase "virtual bricks," to help you build fairy seats in a cloud of actresses dust, fanned with unicorn tails. Or, you know, you get your name on a plaque. Seriously what's with all the lying?

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