Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Love Mail

Hamptonyte Blog started getting mail this week, so we can officially believe this blog is actually posting to a public place on the interwebs.

From a fellow at

"Just discovered the blog. Dude, you are hilarious."

And this from David Lion Rattiner. (We'll admit, when we saw our inbox we winced and squinted at his opening sentences)

"I laughed out loud about your rants about me and my Dad, even as mean as they are they are funny. But I'm a thoughtful guy and nobody was talking about the oil spill when it first happened. It was being reported like it was no big deal when I wrote that column, which was just a couple of days after the spill was first reported. I still strongly believe that it needs to be blown up and agree with this Navy Admiral, who spoke about the idea of blowing it up yesterday.
And it's not my Daddy's paper, it's Brown Publishing's and before that it was Jimmy Finklestein's News Communications."

Well at least he has a sense of humor about our recaps. And we'll correct the "Dan's Papers" error. A nice back-and-forth chat ensued. We're now BFFs!

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