Tuesday, May 4, 2010

UPDATE: Dan's Papers Folding?

The ink had barely dried on our most recent recap of this past week's Dan's Papers, when up popped this little piece from Bloomberg Businessweek about Dan's publisher in Cincinnati filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Central Islip.

Say it aint so. America's favorite weekly? Vanishing? And they're in the midst of celebrating their 50th Anniversary too! Oh, it's like when my grandparents cursed each other out and took separate cars home from their 50th party; it's happening all over again.

Or is it? This is up on danshamptons.com, Dan's Papers' official website. So strange, the guy can write clearly when he wants to, so why not when he's producing his pages? It's a fairly lucid explanation of what's happening with his publisher, which is to say, it's newspaper business as usual. They can't pay their enormous debt, but they're not folding any of their holdings. So Dan's Papers lives on! And so do our recaps! So everybody loses! Yay!

My two faves? 1. This complaint from Dan Rattiner: "Bloomberg filled their article with numerous inaccuracies early on, and all of them had to be retracted and rewritten as they began to get it partly and then finally right." Really? From the guy whose splash article this week is completely fabricated?

2. The fact that only four short paragraphs after throwing Bloomberg under the bus for inaccurate reporting (bwahahaha), he circles back to grab a compliment he thinks he's receiving. "One of the publications purchased by Brown at that time was Dan’s Papers, “Largest in the Hamptons,” as Bloomberg wrote in their headline in all three of their versions."
(as he adjusts his tie and says 'thankyouverymuch')
P.S.: The headline says nothing of the sort.
UPDATE: Dan's reading comprehension has filed for bankruptcy.

Let me try this. "Hamptonyte Blog is one of the most vile, ill-conceived, immature, and viciously libelous blogs in blog history," said President Barack Obama.

HB: President Obama said we're part of blog history. Yesssssss!

I like that strategy. Tip of the straw hat to you, Dan.

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