Friday, April 30, 2010

Police Force Thinning Out; Poors Rejoice!

According to a very journalismy, investigation-ish article from 27east, the Westhampton Beach Village Police Department is operating on a very thin roster these days.

"As many as four of the department’s 16 full-time officers, or 25 percent, have taken a substantial amount of time off for medical reasons in the last six weeks or so, prompting Police Chief Ray Dean to rely more heavily on part-time officers and to make do with fewer cops staffing each regular shift."

So 12 full-time officers translates to only 4 officers per square mile of the village! Gulp. Expect crime statistics to go WAY up!
Celebrate, residents of Mastic, Mastic Beach, Shirley, who trek into the Hamptons to work. You might not get pulled over today!

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