Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Be A Mooch (in less than 800 words)

From the self-indulged people of Guest of a Guest, comes this helpful article on how not to be self-indulged when buttering up that millionaire friend they seem to think you know.

With this current economic crisis, it's very important that you know how to use rich people to your fullest advantage. Let's face it, you're not buying that Southampton estate on the bay this summer. But your mother's cousin Tom's sister-in-law Rebecca is married to this guy who has one! Make some calls!

This goes beyond the obvious, don't-show-empty-handed advice, and moves on to tackle the even more obvious, "don't hang out all day in your room Blackberrying," and "don't show up at the dining room table refreshed after you did nothing to prepare dinner."

How about, "don't search your mind for some wealthy contacts you can use to spend a weekend lounging around pretending to be rich." No? Nothing?

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