Monday, June 14, 2010's Sean MFK Bruns Invents Drinking Game

And it works!

It's real simple. Just read his latest embedded article about his Memorial Day Weekend binge drinking affair. Click here. Then, every time he uses the word "fabulous," take a shot of whatever your poison is.

For bonus rounds, we're willing to bet you can open up any of Bruns' past filed works of namewhoring nonsense and play the same game. There. Now you can be just as drunk as Sean MFK was when he filed this non-story about his three-day-long pub crawl trying to cozy up against people he thinks are important to the world.

Don't say he never contributed anything of merit.

P.S. We know, in fact, how many shots it takes to complete this game, but we're not telling. All we can say is: best of luck.

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