Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabulosity Navel-Gazers Wanted

Either there are not enough, or there can never be too many, we're not sure, but another lifestyle outlet is looking for another lifestyle writer to contribute to another lifestyle blog that covers the fabulous lifestyles of the absolutely fabulous this summer.

We found this posting on Craigslist while looking for actual real work. Haute Living is looking to extend its coverage of the most important unimportant people as they take their importance east for the summer.

Why should you? The perks, people, the perks!
  • invites to the hottest parties (pretty important)

  • a chance to write for an "established brand" like Haute Living (very important)

  • opportunities to make "high-end" contacts (how high-end? How about Gwyneth Paltrow's pool-boy?!)

  • a way to expand your online presence (the most important)

  • an opportunity to fine-tune your suicide note

Good luck. But remember, you must be willing to document your drool on Facebook. And the Twitter.

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