Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The People We Listen To: Patrick McLaughlin

This week in toolbaggery (or should we say last week?) we listen to trendsetting, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hamptons guru Patrick McLaughlin as he posts, not one, but two blog entries warning the rest of us (who are not as fabulous as him) what we better not wear for Halloween.

His first post was a digression about a tree he couldn't stop molesting. Then he wrote this:

By the way, the costumes that you don't want to be wearing this year include... LADY GA GA, ANYBODY FROM "AVATAR", STEPHEN SLATER OF JET BLUE FAME OR A CHILEAN MINER! All of these are hackneyed and overdone. Think of something original... be more like my dog Boo. Superdog! Im so shocked she's never bitten me!

So are we. Honestly, there is nothing more obnoxious than Halloween costume-nazis who think they're so innovative, so inspired, and so cutting edge that they need to dish out warnings to the rest of us snoozos. And for the record, what could be more hackneyed and overdone than dressing up your dog? Two days later, he kept it going.

Please if I see you there... No Lady Ga-Ga or anyone from the JOISEY SHORE!

And please, Patrick, if I see you there, keep your SuperMutt away from me, because he's probably pissing on my leg and making my blue Avatar paint run!

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