Friday, October 29, 2010

Election FAIL: Altschuler Endorses Bishop

And runs against him. This accidentally hilarious account of the Bishop/Altschuler smackdown ran in the East Hampton Star last week.

After blowing off the Daughters of the American Revolution, or Mothers Without Jobs, or whatever that organization was that Altschuler stood up like prom night, he and incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop finally had their debate. The venue was the Southampton Community Center in Hampton Bays. Bishop had home-field advantage. Big Time. And Altschuler's attempt to condescendingly frame Bishops platform blew up in his face. Big Time.

"If you want to continue the policies of the Obama and Pelosi administration -- if you want Obamacare, cap and trade, car check and further bailouts then you should vote for Tim Bishop." The loud applause and cheers of many in the room indicated that they planned to do that.

There's a reason why, when Rudy Giuliani ran for mayor, he didn't shout:

"If you want porno shops at every corner, strippers giving lapdances in every other establishment, beers in public streets, and the ability to smoke week in a consequence-free environment, then vote for David Dinkins!"

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