Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Last 24, Kardashian Style

So we are Jack's complete lack of surprise as far as the Kardashians filming a reality show in the Hamptons this summer, which is why we've been quiet about it. It will always baffle us how many people hate the Kardashian family, the brand, the KKK charm of their names, everything the Kardashians do or say or marry or fuck or shop for or rent out. Recent reports say that some realtors and homeowners wouldn't rent or represent the Kardashian girls when their producers were house-hunting for the show. Okay, so we all collectively agree they're wretched people and culturally reject them. Then why in Sam's friggin hell do they continue to have a successful show? If we hate them, why are we watching them? Why have they not fallen onto the ash heap of history?

One of life's mysteries. Anyhoo, for all the hate, there sure is some Twitter buzz already about these dopey broads. Dana Shaw for the win:
Chloe Foerster for the loss:
Ducking into doorways much? Not much, much too much.
Natalie also wants us to know she shopped at DASH, the Kardashian's totally unscripted for real, just happened to be opening anyway and the producers showed up - storefront next to the Driver's Seat in Southampton.

And, finally, the predictable, I was skeptical of the Kardashians, but now they meet my approval nobody needs, Tweet:
Boy I can really feel the hate. Grow some, America!

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