Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Hamptons Has New Artwork To Get Pissed About!

In 2010 it was Larry Rivers' legs sculpture in Sag Harbor that got all the local blue hairs in a twist, diming the sculpture to Code Enforcement and getting it removed.

Now it's Westhampton Beach's turn to have a holy conniption over the one thing that might actually make Westhampton Beach interesting to visit again.

 This is "Walking Man," a 30-foot aluminum sculpture by New York-based artist Donald Baechler. The sculpture was erected in the roundabout located near Westhampton's Gabreski airport, a sort of welcome committee for those who get off the County Road 31 exit on Sunrise Highway.

It's "Peanuts" meets Jeff Koons, in our Joe-the-Plumber approach to art appreciation.
"Balloon Dog" by Jeff Koons
 The installation was made possible by a commission from Rechler Equity Partners, the development company that is doing a lot more landscape-altering shit to the Hamptons than this walking Charlie Brown character rising up out of the middle of an air force base. But no matter, the residents are in a tizzy and they want it taken down.

Describing the sculpture as "ugly" and "in your face," one resident in the New York Post article from Taylor Vecsey of the East Hampton Star even volunteered to donate a crane and wrecking ball. Slow down, Rob Swanson Jr. We all know there hasn't been a wrecking ball in the Hamptons in some time and all you contractors have the foreclosure proceedings to prove it!

Which brings us to our finest point. In his stand-up routine Lewis Black talks about how small towns ought to build a "big fucking thing." Doesn't matter what it is, so long as it's big, and it's a fucking thing. Because everyone will drive out to see the big fucking thing, and then want to spend the night, which will lead to a Big Fucking Thing Hotel, and then a Big Fucking Thing-themed restaurant, a Big Fucking Thing Spa! And that's how you stimulate the economy.

Ever stop to consider, Westhampton, that this might be your big fucking thing?

"Where is the public forum?" wrote Cynthia McAvoy Schunk on the Westhampton Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

Oh shut up, Westhampton.

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