Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's with all the horror films in the Hamptons?

We know it's a horrible place, full of fameballs, loud-mouthsvengeful deers, suicidal whales, dog-poop activists, pyramid schemers, sex-offenders and celebrity suck-up ass-wipes, but we didn't think it would attract peoples' homicidal fantasies.

Last month, Hampton Bays was host to Old 47, a horror film about Miley Cyrus desiring to put her younger sister through the same bullshit she has to endure. Now another film crew is looking to film "Horror in the Hamptons," by the end of February.

This Craigslist casting call doesn't give much on the plot details, but it could be an opportunity for local actors to embarass themselves land a screen role with a SAG-sanctioned film. The call asks for 5 men and 8 women to audition for parts. And, of course, the most important element of any successful actor in the history of acting: you must be good-looking.

If you're interested and you think you're good-looking enough to be in movies, break a leg. Please.

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