Tuesday, January 1, 2013

David Rattiner: 'Hamptons in the winter rain isn't boring'

Then he proves that it is. Check out David Lion's blog post he was apparently forced to write at gunpoint. It's a true confessional, a treatise on a life lived, spilled out on the page in all its whogivesashittery.

The Hamptons isn't boring in the winter when it rains, he posits. Shoot, I go to the movies! I'll even plan to go to one movie (Les Miserables') and then suddenly change my mind and see Django instead; that's how off the chains I am in the Hamptons. Or I'll read a book. Or work on a novel. (Please don't.)

We think David should open up a suicide hotline that convinces people ordinarily not contemplating suicide to go ahead and do so.

Also, David...Les Miserables'? You're fired from manhood. Turn in your testicles before you leave.

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