Friday, January 21, 2011

New Web-Feature To Prove The Hamptons Is Year-Round, Proves It Isn't

Have you heard the latest development over at They have a new Web-feature now: a short video wrap-up show called The Scoop, featuring the Web site's extremely charismatic and photogenic Executive Editor Nicole Brewer.

In this first installment, Nicole insists that there's plenty to do in the Hamptons year-round, and then proceeds to prove otherwise. A 70's band? Playing live? Somewhere in the Hamptons? No way!
And she even cracks a joke. I'm not going to spoil the punchline; you'll just have to watch. Anyway, check out The Scoop regularly for updates that are not exactly about's more like next to nothing. In other words, it's a notch above the on-location news segments Kermit The Frog used to do.

"This is Kermit A. Frog, live at the farm, where a cow has jumped over the moon, and allegedly the dish has run away with the spoon..."

Yeah, sort of like that. Only not as informative. Sigh.

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